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Mossy meltdown

Mossy meltdown

SKU: XL083

This is a special technique used to create the logo - it is not a screen print! The logo is made using a special technique to prevent the dye from attaching as much.  The logo is just the part of the shirt that did not get dye - so has no feel to it like a screen print does - very soft.


Size: XL


100% cotton t-shirt, unisex. 

Hand dyed with fiber-reactive dye - will not fade or bleed in the wash.  Shirts are pre-shrunk and washed in the process of dying.



    All of our shirts are 100% cotton, and dyed with fiber reactive dye (actually chemically attaches to the cotton).  The shirts are pre-shrunk as part of the dying process.


    If you are not satisfied with a shirt for whatever reason, we wll accept unworn shirts for refund or purchase price or credit towards a different shirt.  Shipping is non-refundable.


    We ship primarily USPS with flat rate shipping, but will ship anywhere in the world.  Please contact us for any specific requests.

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