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tie dye process


They say to do what you love and you will be happy - so we do!  We are t-shirt aficionados as evidenced from our closets full of them, and always love a unique design.  We have historically bought tie dye shirts when they were available from local vendors, but sadly were not very popular around here. 


Years ago, when we were trying to decide on a pattern for the curtains for our '71 VW Westfalia bus (camper), we could not agree on a pattern and did not just want plain white (what's the fun in that anyway).  We decided to dye the material them ourselves - but we did not want the "traditional" rainbow colors, and instead did them in the colors of the earth (green, blue, tan, grey) and we just loved the way they turned out.  We dyed a few shirts for ourselves with the left over dye.  Then we dyed some shirts for a few friends and family, and kept going.

We are constantly trying new techniques (ice dying, glue resist, batik, etc), patterns/folding, and color combinations.  We personally like the earth tones and use black in our designs frequently, but our best selling design is the rainbow swirl. 


Each time we wait for the dye to set on a new batch, its like waiting for Christmas morning to see what they will turn out like.  We always get the best pick of each batch, but try not to claim too many for ourselves!

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