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The dyes we use are fiber reactive dyes which means simply that the dyes have chemically bonded to the cotton fibers, and will not wash out.  Because of the dying and and washing process used, the fabric will not feel as soft as you might expect from a cotton t-shirt.  However because the shirts are 100% cotton, as you wash them, they will get softer with each wash until they become your favorite shirt to wear.  You need only to wash as you would any other colored clothing item.


Tired of the same plain old solid color shirts with graphics?  We can do custom dying of shirts for your organization or team.   How about your school colors used for the dye - each one will be slightly unique, but yet the same.  Have your own graphics screen printed on them for the team or contact us about screen printing as well!


The chart below shows actual measurements of the t-shirts.  These are all unisex sizes/styles.  These are pre-shrunk sizes, and are as shrunk as they are going to get because we have performed the final wash in hot water to remove any excess dye.  The shirts will actually stretch out a bit from these sizes.

The tank top sizes have shorter hems.  If you need actual measurements from any shirt, or are not sure if you are between sizes, feel free to contact us with any questions.

shirt sizes.png
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